Blair Wrestling Club

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Please understand that space is very limited at BWC and we only want the wrestlers that want to be here.  When the room is full and registration ends you are taking the spot of another wrestler that wants to be here and now may not be able.  Think of it as taking a spot on a baseball team where someone was "cut" when you accepted the spot.  

When you commit to the season, you are committing to the whole season which includes committing financially as well.   There are NO refunds for quitting; partial, pro-rated or otherwise.  If you/your wrestler quits, the financial responsibility does not go away and you are NOT entitled to a refund, partial, pro-rated or otherwise.  

In the event of a pandemic issue (COVID-19 or otherwise) BWC will follow state and local health guidelines. BWC will do everything reasonably possible to continue wrestling/training/coaching. That may be in the form of altered work-outs, virtual training, sharing of workouts, etc. Our non-profit organization is asking our members to share in the risk of another pandemic related shut-down so that our organization can continue to survive. We will not issue refunds for a pandemic issue once the season begins.